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Why should you not cheap out on your home security?

We see it time and time again, called to the scene to beef up the homes lock security after a break in occurred. If only you would have taken the locksmiths advice last time you called us and this may have been prevented. Countless times our customer regrets not taking the proper measures to secure their home before it's too late. The most common way of entering I come across is a intruder smashing a window and reaching in and unlocking the locks allowing an easy entrance into the home. All this could have been prevented by a double sided deadbolt. The next most common way of entry is a skilled intruder picking your lock from Wal-Mart in a matter of seconds. This way can be an even scarier situation as there is no sign they were even in your house. High security locks we carry are pick proof, bump proof and jimmy proof. Lastly were going to assume you at least have a deadbolt on your door. With out a deadbolt your are practically inviting an intruder a stress free, noise free and overall easy access to your house.  

For a free inspection of you home security in Southold and the rest of the east end visit 

Call our office at (631)204-8209

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